The Cursed Souls of Liriethem

What if death is not the end?

The first part of The Cursed Souls of Liriethem – an epic fantasy story in which we will meet Liriam Liriethem and we will live with through her transformation from an overprotected princess, into the avenger of her ancestors. Fantastic literature at its best. 

Story summary

Liriethem is a kingdom with a long history, full of myths and legends. The sotrz of the Cursed Souls of Liriethem narrates how Liriam Liriethem transformed herself, from an overprotected and innocent princess, to an avenging warrior, fighting for her ancestors. Liriam will discover who she really is, while investigating her father’s murder.

This book is one of the many fantastic legends and tales that are part of the world of Liriethem: if you like fantastic books with deep folklore and inextricable plots, you will love to discover Liriethem. But the story of Liriethem’s cursed souls does not end here, Liriam’s story continues, as an even more important mission rises in her horizon: to fulfill her destiny as the avenger of the souls of her ancestors.

“Here, before you, are the souls of the royalty of Liriethem… You must not be afraid, because you are among your own kind.”

The Cursed Souls of Liriethem

Puntuación: 4 de 5.

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About this edition

«The Cursed Souls of Liriethem» is a brief fantasy book, with only 100 pages, which aims to introduce us to the protagonist, Liriam Liriethem. The book was originally auto-published in Spanish, through Amazon / Kindle, in 2018. The English version, translated by the author himself, was published in January 2020. A Portuguese version is also available and was published in May 2020.

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