About the Author

GG Klimt is an Argentine-German author. He is a fan of the fantastic genre and his works are mainly written in Spanish. GG Klimt lives near Frankfurt am Main, in Germany, where he has an everyday job, thus not devoting himself fully to literature, although that is his great desire.

Having lived in several countries throughout his life, GG Klimt fluently speaks and writtes in a few languages, which allows him to personally translate his works. It is for this reason that a translation of existing material to a different language is more likely to be published than an acual new book.

What can be expected in the future?

GG Klimt has recently pusblished «De Nuestros Demonios», a short stories’ compilation, and is currently working on translating it to Portuguese and English. On top of that, GG Klimt is working on three other books: a fantastic story about Ersholk, an immortal man that hunts dragons; the tale of Catharctul, a fantastic, immortal and powerful being, capable of destroying entire kingdoms; and, finally, the continuation of «The Cursed Souls of Liriethem».

About GG Klimt in a few words:

  • Favorite genre: Fantasy.
  • Hates spoilers.
  • If the storz includes dragons, so much the better.
  • ikes to read in several languages at the same time – prefers to read each book in its original language, whenever possible.
  • Whenever he can, he’ll keep reminding George RR Martin about the missing last books of the A song of Ice and Fire series…

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