Review of Prince Caspian (Narnia Chronicles #4)

I am slowly getting closer to the end of the Narnia saga. This is the fourth book; there are only three more left. So far, I haven’t seen anything that may let me foresee the end. As I said in each of the entries about the Narnia books, something as simple and minimal as a Tweet saying that the end of the series is very bad made me want to read all these books. It happens very often, truth be told, at least with me, that someone expresses an opinion about a book that I have not read, and I run to read it. Especially if they say, it’s very bad. I have a problem, I know.

In this story, the author brings back the characters of the previous books, that is, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy. This time, again as children. You’ll recall they were adults once, and then turned back to children. They are called once more as great kings of Narnia (do not forget, once kings of Narnia, always kings of Narnia), to help Caspian, to recover what belongs to him: the throne of Narnia. Caspian’s uncle assassinates the king, Caspian’s father, to take the throne, and forces Caspian to escape and hide among the talking creatures, ancient inhabitants of Narnia. From here, you are on your own… read the book!

To continue the tradition of the Narnian posts, I will also describe the different translations of the book’s title into other languages:

  • “Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia” – English, original language.
  • “Prinz Kaspian von Narnia bzw. Wiedersehen in Narnia bzw. Die unverhoffte Wiederkehr oder: Prinz Kaspian”  – German, all this means: “Prince Caspian of Narnia or Back in Narnia or The Unexpected Return or Prince Caspian”.
  • “El príncipe Caspian” – Spanish, just as the original.
  • “Le prince Caspian” – French, as well, just as the original.
  • “Príncipe Caspian” – Portuguese, another one just as the original.  
  • “カスピアンおうじのつのぶえ” – Japanese, this means Prince Caspian too.

Final comment: this has been a very interesting story from the world of Narnia. I think that in each book we understand more and more about Narnia, until, I hope, we will reach the highest point of the story in the last one, where we will understand all the secrets of this world. I think there is still a lot to discover, and since there are still three more books ahead, there is no other way to follow the path of the chronicles of Narnia than keep on reading.

Book quote: «Good,» said Aslan. «If you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been a proof that you were not.»

Keep on reading,

GG Klimt

Questions to answer in the comments:
Have you read the series of Narnia? And what about “The Prince Caspian”? Did you like it? Do you agree with my final comments? Have you read any similar books you would recommend, for someone who would like to read more of the same genre? Please answer all these questions in the comments!

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