Review of Game of Thrones – the end that no-one expected

Actually, in this blog I try to do book reviews, or talk about how my books are progressing (The Souls of Liriethem, or The Story of Catharctul, if you want to check the posts about those books). But I am also a fan of many fantasy series, as well, and what I saw yesterday (when I wrote this was the day after the final chapter of the series) has terribly disappointed me: the end of Game of Thrones.

Clearly, I didn’t like the last season. Like almost everyone. But I think it has a poetic ending for many of the characters. It is not the end that we all wanted, but I think it makes sense, in many cases. I don’t want to go into detail about each of the elements that seemed meaningless to me, inconsistent with the characters throughout the series, or even the temporary errors that fans were finding as the series’ episodes were aired. There is enough of this on the internet, and everyone has an opinion about it. I don’t think my voice will bring anything new or different to this discussion. My only conclusion is that the characters did not behave as they had been doing for the last seven seasons, and as this behavior was so inconsistent, everything so hasty, the ending was simply very confusing. And above all, the absence of information from the Night King … God. Gone, without even saying why he came to begin with. So frustrating…

I think, at least in my case, frustration is a great source of motivation. There are people who are motivated by positive experiences, which I do not rule out in my case, but negative ones also have their potential. All this is to say that the end of the Game of Thrones series has given me a new motivation to continue writing my stories, which I am going to try to finish as fast as I can, dedicate as much time as I can, and complete the series. It also motivates me to continue reading other works, since I want to try to fill this void within me with something else. There is a very good video that parodies Game of Thrones and The Nightmare before Christmas a bit that talks about just that, that Game of Thrones came to fill that empty void that other series left. I leave the link for you to see, the song seems excellent to me. 

We only have the consolation of waiting for the books of George RR Martin. Since they will be books of more than 1000 pages each (not that I have secret information about them or anything, but the latest books have been of this size, and, assuming that all this time he is taking is to write, it must be because he is writing a lot), the A Song of Ice and Fire book series will have an outcome that will make more sense with everything we have been reading in the series so far. Or at least, I really hope so! What is the status of the missing A Song of Ice and Fire books? When will they see the light? I was talking before about frustration … I leave you with this article from the newspaper The Telegraph, from the United Kingdom, in which they explain all the information that they have about the books to this day, which is not much: 

It is also discussed in the media that they are working on different prequels or spin-offs of the series, like the life of the Targaryens 500 years before Game of Thrones began, or stories of other characters, and so on. Right now, having seen the end of Game of Thrones, I can’t say that I’m excited to see any of those new shows.

Keep on reading, or watching series,

GG Klimt

Questions to answer in the comments:
Have you watched Game of Thrones? Or read “A Song of Ice and Fire”? Did you like it? Or in the case you are reading the books, and we are in the year 2050 and George RR Martin is still writing the the two last books… are you enjoying them? Do you agree with my final comments? Please answer all these questions in the comments!

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