Review of «Percy Jackson the Demigod Files»

Normally I write a little review of the books I read recently, so that you are also aware of the books I am reading in recent time and not 20 years ago. The goal is to talk a bit about what I think about them. Maybe you find a book you like and want to read it yourself. That would be great! 

Anyone who has remained eager to continue reading about the adventures of Percy Jackson after the first set of books can continue reading the three complementary books in the series: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, and this one «Percy Jackson – the Demigod files».

This book, as I said in the previous paragraph, is only for die hard fans of Percy Jackson, since the book is a little innocent and simple. It includes a couple of short stories, I will talk about them later, but it also includes questionnaires about the books, and «games» like crosswords, whose main target is young children, in my opinion. Anyway, what I’m saying is probably something obvious, since these books aim to a young adult target. The interviews with the main characters are also a bit innocent and the truth is that they contribute little to the story in general. Everything suggests that it was a marketing campaign, which probably the author was forced to do, but the short stories at least have a certain literary value.

The short stories included are the following:

– Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot
– Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon
– Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades

An interesting detail is that, in the last story, as the name says, Percy Jackson and his friends have to go to the underworld in search of the sword of Hades (this is no spoiler, I am simply repeating almost the title of the story word by word), and meet Sisyphus. It is a recurring literary strategy of the books, to use stories from Greek mythology in the plot, and in this case, like I said, they meet Sisyphus, from the… you know…. Sisyphus’ myth. Don’t worry, I didn’t know either the name or the myth… but, since I did not know who he was, I started to investigate and I found out about his story. But, above all, I found a very interesting video in Ted that explains this myth. I share it here, for those who want to learn about this interesting myth.

Final comment: entertaining, yes, but not essential if you like Percy Jackson. I’d rather read the second set of books that were published later.

Keep reading,

GG Klimt

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